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As anyone who's ever had gay sex, thought about gay sex or watched gay sex will know there are endless combinations possible gay sex.

In addition to the classic grid view, users can swipe through profiles, like on Tinder. The app "learns" users' preferences as they swipe. A new feature called "Venture" allows allows users to connect with guys who are traveling or arriving nearby soon. Users can chat and exchange photo, audio message, and emojis. The new "moments" feature supports large photos. Chat rooms, both local and national, are available if people want a larger group forum.

A red ribbon icon on the app gives users access to information on safe sex and STD prevention. Similar to Planet Romeo, users can change their own location settings, but they can also forward profiles to friends if they feel like playing matchmaker.

10 Guys You'll Meet On The Gay Dating Scene

Really bad at remembering details? The notes feature allows you to keep tabs on everyone you're talking to. Hornet is now available beta version only on a web platform as well, accessible from a desktop or laptop. Every user is grouped into one of nine categories of "monsters" ranging from a monkey to a pig. If you're chatting with someone who speaks a different language an "auto translation" feature will translate your messages as you send them. Contact Sarah Karlan at sarah.

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Contact J. Lester Feder at lester. Contact Michelle Rial at michelle.

Most popular in: This app markets itself as "the global network for meeting gay men. South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria. Planet Romeo. India, Kenya. Saudi Arabia.

Here Are The World's Most Popular Dating Apps For Gay Dudes

Launched in , the social chat app claims to have nearly 15 million worldwide users. You resign yourself to the fact that he has vanished and magically disappeared from your life, leaving a gaping void in your heart and a million unanswered questions. This guy always seems to have something better to do than commit to a date. You may have something down on the books and then the day of, he's come down with tonsillitis and got run over by a car.

This is the full of excuses guy, and quite frankly, any excuse not to see him again is a good excuse. Fool me once, shame on you.

STUNG - Grindr Inspired Gay Short Film

Fool me twice, shame on me. His profile clearly stated he was 5 ft 10, so why am I now looking down at you? Not only is he a liar, but this is just completely awkward because I was percent expecting someone else. He has a beard, he is wearing skinny jeans and he a flannel shirt. He is also a righteous and pretentious freedom fighter, and an activist who walks down the street chanting ''EU we love you'' while holding a homemade and illiterate sign that says "Migrants are welcome here.

You hear his high pitched screech before you even see him, then you see him prancing down the street toward you and you just want to quickly die.

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He lives and breathes the gay scene, and can be found practicably on cue at G-A-Y Bar on a Saturday with his bunch of "sistas" twerking to Rhianna while wearing denim shorts and a tight vest. He speaks with broken English and is constantly very happy with a huge smile plastered on his face. Quite frankly, he's too happy for my cynical British self to handle.

He has a lot of fellow European friends and they all talk in their own native language while I am just sat there looking blankly into thin air not understanding a single word. Nice enough guy, but too much of a cultural difference to form anything significant.

Plus I voted to leave the EU, so deep down he secretly despises me. You see this something balding creature in the middle of the dance floor looking like a sweating octopus as he tries to dance to the latest Justin Bieber dance number. Living vicariously through the somethings he surrounds himself with, you can almost see him trying to suck the youth out of those around him like a leech. Go home, put your feet up on the sofa, have a cuppa and switch on "Coronation Street. He's a rare find in the gay scene.

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  • Some people call them obsessive; I like to think of them as efficient and knowing exactly what they want. This is a guy who, after a couple of dates, wants to call you their boyfriend.

    Grindr gay dating apps

    To be honest, there is nothing wrong with that; he wants commitment and is not afraid to put his heart on the line. They are loving and honest and deserve someone who can love them equally the same. If you cannot return their affection, you do not deserve someone as special as this in your life.