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About Me Member since: This week Age: Gaborone, South-East, Botswana Second location: Bulawayo, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Travel location: South Africa Relationship Status: Since most gay folks are in the closet or married, the customer base is insufficient to make a profit with a gay-only venue. As mentioned, at the moment the scene lacks an actual gay center since LeGaBiBo cannot hold organized meetings such as social gatherings, support groups, movie nights, parties, hotline, peer counseling, youth groups or interventions.

As for the lesbian scene in Gaborone, like the guys, it is also blended into the larger social scene. Women in couples or singly go to the gay-friendly mixed bars often with friends to chat, dance or cruise for new acquaintances. The other mainstay of lesbian life are small gatherings of friends for dinner at home or at a restaurant.

There is no LGBT publication. See story about lesbian couple coming out. As for gay bashing , Monica contrasted Botswana with South Africa RSA , which has a history of violence left over from the apartheid era, from racism, from rich-poor resentment, from social inequality as well as tribal rivalry.

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Given such a mix of anger sources, it is no surprise, Monica said, that homophobia in RSA is often laced with violence. Violence was how one solved problems there and how apartheid was eventually defeated. But in Botswana the history has been much calmer. Certainly not free of conflict but not the at same level of violence.

The push for independence from Britain was mostly negotiated; no major warfare; no reprisal killings, no brutal leaders as in neighboring Zimbabwe who suppressed political opponents. In Botswana elections were held, a president and parliament were elected, the Union Jack was lowered and the new Republic of Botswana tri-colored black, blue and white was raised.

A humanitarian president Khama led the nation into freedom and prosperity for the first 14 years and that progressive policy has continued to the present under the second president Khama his unmarried son. I saw a primary school with billboards of HIV prevention painted on the exterior walls. This is not due to a high level of promiscuity or unusual lapse in morals but rather to the scientific finding that Botswana has a strain of HIV that is more easily transmittable—HIV1 vs HIV2 which is harder to transmit. In there were an estimated , adults living with HIV — or one quarter of the population aged 15 and over.


The country has an estimated adult HIV prevalence among year olds of Life expectancy at birth fell from 65 years in to less than 40 years in , a figure about 28 years lower than it would have been without AIDS. The success of this treatment programe has made Botswana an example for other African nations to follow. If it is ever to defeat the epidemic, Botswana must find a way to halt the spread of HIV.

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During this time, a number of developments occurred including routine HIV testing, increased VCT centers and the provision of antiretroviral drugs through the public sector. Although Botswana has succeeded in achieved universal treatment access to HIV treatment lingering stigma, denial and too few trained personnel continue as major hindrances to people accessing education and services. The disease still carries the stain of infidelity, promiscuity, and prostitution.

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Injecting drug abuse is not reported to be a significant problem here, probably because of the cost of that habit. Read much more at http: It is not my interest whether this is a legal or illegal activity because the main goal is to prevent new infections in the country. Mogae is in favor of decriminalizing homosexuality.

Botswana Gay Life is Underground—Not! One evening during the week-long InterVarsity Games and Culture, held every year between Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho universities these 3 countries have a certain bond since they did not go through apartheid , the swimming pool at the University of Botswana was the venue for the swimming competition between the three universities. By intention it seemed a pleasant gathering place for a small cadre of gay guys. The competition was a rather amateur affair with all the races only 50 meters long.

I had plans to meet Caine there since we are both Gay Games swimmers.

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This is a highly social culture; where two gather it soon becomes four or eight. People just show up. The camaraderie was very obvious as they touched and talked, hung on each other and Caine got a massage. Lyndon and Reggie feel at ease in their lives—and at ease talking in public. Lyndon, 23, is the son of a racially mixed parentage, his father is originally from England and his mother is Motswana.

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They are divorced and both living in Gaborone so Lyndon has two homes. He wears necklaces and bracelets and sports a thin mustache and wears his hair in small dreadlocks. Both he and Reggae have had separate relationships which did not last long.

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You can see this especially at the clubs and discos. Rather quite the opposite. His self-confidence and smart attitude gained him a circle of friends who also served as a sort of protective ring against potential homophobic students. If someone teased me I teased them back. I have a fast tongue. It would have been ten years ago but not now. Both friends are out to their families and are well past the initial stage of family upset.